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Covid-19 Information and Supports

Parents and Carers


If your child presents with symptoms of coronavirus, please keep them at home whilst you arrange for a PCR test and let the school office know. If they return a positive PCR test, they will need to follow current isolation guidance. If you are unable to take your child for a test for whatever reason, please also phone the school so we can advise next steps.


If your child has no symptoms of coronavirus but returns a positive lateral flow test, there is currently no need to take a confirmation PCR test, with the self isolation period should starting immediately. If they do have symptoms, then please follow the steps detailed above.


The government have recently changed the self isolation guidance, making it possible to end isolation if the person is either a) double vaccinated or b) a child, and the person has:


i) Two negative lateral flow tests 24 hours apart on day 5 and day 6 of isolation (Please note: day 1 of isolation begins the day AFTER  symptoms or  the test was taken). 

ii) The person does not have a temperature.


Guidance does suggest that from day 6 to day 10, those that are able to come out of self isolation should wear a mask and maintain a social distance from others. We recognise that this will not be possible for our children, and as such would encourage parents to continue to keep their child at home until the full ten days self isolation is complete. 


The guidance remains complex and subject to change. Please phone the school office if you would like further guidance.


As ever, thank you for your support in keeping our children safe.