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Long Term Planning



  • WOW THEMES have been identified and formulated into a 3 (or 4) Year CURRICULUM MAP for each of the Early Years / Middles/ Uppers/ HFA and ASD (See LONG TERM CURRICULUM MAP)
  • Curriculum coverage  across the cycle is balanced using the areas of learning from the New primary curriculum. In each  WOW THEME, a subject DRIVER is identified. This subject driver will be the lead subject in the cross curricular theme
  • Other subjects  (SUBSIDIARY SUBJECTS) support the driver subject in the cross curricular theme planning
  • A KEY SKILL (from the 3;  –Problem solving & independent enquiry, Working with others, Reflecting on Learning) is attached to each WOW THEME  (based on compatibility and coverage)
  • In addition the curriculum map indicates themes for RE, Literacy & Communication, Numeracy, PE and ICT which are often taught as stand alone lessons, with opportunities for generalisation and additional excitement within the WOW THEME
  • The HFA curriculum focuses on "self organised learning environment" (SOLE)  where questions are posed to the children , who work in teams  to investigate and answer the questions  and also develop their "working together skills"