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Autism Specific Classes

Our Autism Specific Department consists of seven specially designed classes, where the class numbers are kept low, to reflect the needs of the children within them.


We work on a specialized ASD curriculum which provides opportunities to develop academic ability, social skills, self-care and later life skills, supporting children to integrate into the local community.  


The classes use a variety of ASD specific techniques to ensure that children are able to access their learning, including TEACCH, SCERTS, PECS, Intensive Interaction and Sherbourne. We are always continuing to develop and support the learning of our very special individuals and research new methods to give opportunities for the children to engage in their community and access the World around them. 


We provide support to parents to ensure that children are given the same opportunities to communicate and engage at home as well as at school. We also offer parent workshops to give parents the opportunity to chat with other parents of children with Autism and learn new techniques and skills they could use to support them at home.