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Autism Specific Classes

Our Autism Provision (Focused, Structured ASD Specific Classes)

The Provision for Autism Aims:


  • To provide high quality education and time in the community to that prepares our children for a successful adulthood.  
  • To develop key skills to promote independence in social communication and interaction, emotional regulation and life skills. 
  • To provide pupils with balanced learning opportunities which focus on personal development and academic achievement, leading to a happy and fulfilling life. 
  • To celebrate all small steps our children make, raising self-esteem and confidence. 
  • To embed communication modes to enable pupils to express their opinions and support their regulatory needs and well-being. 
  • To provide children with skills to manage their own sensory needs in order to positively experience the world. 
  • To work with families and professional partners to offer the best support for each individual child.