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Music and Music Therapy

At Kingsley, we understand that music and song are powerful tools which can enable our children to interact, communicate and learn. Music provides an immersive opportunity for our children to develop their skills of self expression, play and experimentation and for some, it provides a powerful source of therapeutic intervention, bringing feelings of calm and positive wellbeing.


All of our children partake in weekly music lessons where they are able to explore a range of musical genres and programs. They can develop their understanding of rhythm and beat whilst working on the practical aspects of holding and using musical instruments. At Kingsley, formal music lessons take place in the 'Qube' - a purpose built structure for children to access and learn. Visiting performers and musicians are always welcome at Kingsley to enrich out music lessons. Music permeates all aspects of our school day from hello time, swimming, scheduling songs and weekly choir sessions.


Music Therapy is also available for some of our children, working with the therapist either individually or in small groups. A variety of musical instruments and devices are used, with the children expressing themselves and interacting through sound, silence, gesture and words. This  interactive music-making process is used in order to promote communication and facilitate emotional expression, creativity and personal growth.