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Short Term Planning


  • A proforma has been adopted that includes
    • Class Name/ Date/ Theme (inc Subject driver and Key Skill)
    • Pupil Grouping and staffing
    • Lesson organisation- 3 part lesson as appropriate
    • Activity-  to include differentiation
    • Teaching & Learning Styles Key (Multiple intelligence) of coverage (weekly/ module analysis by highlighting coverage   is ample)
    • SUCCESS CRITERIA (linked to each group/ differentiation) Success Criteria are drawn from 1 of 4 areas of our curriculum.(See below ) as depicted in the Kingsley Star and are appropriately colour coded.

1) Learning objectives from Medium term planning of WOW THEMES related to the subject base (yellow)

2) IEP (red)

3) ILP (executive functioning skills) (green)

4)KEY SKILLS ( may be any one  of the 6 areas ) (blue)

These are  written or highlighted in corresponding colour to indicate the priority & coverage for the child/ group


These Success criteria may to be from those objectives outlined in the medium term planning but may vary for individuals or groups depending on the priorities the teacher identifies for them.



In addition


  • IEP and ILP (individual learning plan detailing pupils executive functioning priorities ) targets  are detailed on each activity plan, as are specific strategies for emotional regulation and learning recovery activities.