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Our Classes:




 Ladybirds & Bumblebees (Reception, Yr1 & Yr2) 

Working as a system of classrooms, each set for a specific purpose, allowing pupils to move from one space to another for identified learning opportunities. These classes work to develop skills that underpin future learning, such as routines, communication, early developmental skills (e.g. attention, concentration and interaction) 



  Jellyfish and Seahorses  (Yr2, Yr3, Yr4) 

Continuing to work on further embedding skills, such as developing cognitive ability, increasing communicative supports and building more independence, with a structure with strong visual support. 


Starfish (Yr4, Yr5, Yr6)

A class of more cognitively able individuals, but still in need of robust structure and routine. Starfish focus on developing their cognitive ability alongside building opportunity for problem solving, social conversation and working together. Children in this class are working to develop stronger self-regulatory methods to further their independence. 


  Terrapins (Yr2,Yr 3, Yr4) and Turtles (Yr4, Yr5, Y6) 

A class of our most complex, with a need for stringent routine and structure. These classes focus on building their sensory tolerance and mutual regulatory needs, building on functional life skills and early communication.