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Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning is an integral process in the curriculum cycle, providing teachers and pupils with the information they need to build upon their current achievement and attainment and maximize progress.   

Each of the strands of our curriculum is assessed, initially at the point of learning, against the learning objectives stated on the activity plan, further :-


1. The Wow Subject Curriculum :- is assessed  against the Early Years Developmental Journal (for pupils in Nursery and Year R) or the developmental assessment schedules (Green files) for each subject. These are based around extended versions of the  P Scale and National Curriculum Level Descriptors. Whilst it is acknowledged that the National Curriculum level descriptors are no longer statutory we feel that they provide a very useful way for us to monitor progress and assist with planning the next stage of learning.

Teachers assess pupil’s attainment at the end of the year against P Scales and National Curriculum Levels and set targets for the coming year. Teachers monitor pupil’s progress towards these targets approximately three times a year, during “focus child” analysis, RAG rating progress alerting teachers to additional support and intervention which may be necessary.


2.IEP’s :-  are considered during “ focus child” analysis (or more frequently if necessary) and are designed to be responsive to the child’s current needs and priorities (rather than being tied to their needs at the last annual review) they are recorded  and evaluated on the IEP document and reported in the Annual Review .


3. ILP’s:- are assessed and recorded against devised descriptors (relating to areas of inhibit, shift, emotional control, initiate, working memory, plan/ organise, organisation of materials and monitoring)  on the Executive Functioning Webs (for those pupils for whom this area is a priority) which show change over time.


4. Key skills:- Key skills are assessed and reported in qualitative form in the Annual Report to Parents.