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Download and print the activities most appropriate for your child.  Don't forget you can ask your child's class teacher which would be most suited to your child.

Activity 1 - Sort the animals into their habitats (cut and stick)

Activity 2 - Testing the strength of 'boats' (practical activity)

Activity 3 - 'Dancing Rice' (practical activity)

Activity 4 - 'Frozen Fizzers' (practical activity)

Activity 5 - Turmeric Indicator (practical activity)

Activity 6 - Dinosaur Rescue (practical activity)

Activity 7 - Bouncy Egg (practical activity)

Activity 8 - Message on a Banana (practical)

Activity 9 - Red Cabbage Indicator/'Potion' (practical)

Activity 10 - Re-growing Vegetables (practical)

Activity 11 - Sugar Crystal Sparklers (practical)