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Supporting Kingsley - GoFundMe - Sensory Studio

We are a school for primary aged children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities. We have 156 wonderful learners who attend our very special school. We work closely with our families and the local community to provide our children with an exceptional learning experience, helping every child to be successful and to fulfill their potential.


Many of our learners have complex sensory needs and require specialist intervention and support to maximise their availability for learning. Whilst the highly skilled staff are attuned to meeting these individualised needs, the children require specialist equipment and an immersive environment that enables engagement and stimulation. The sensory studio in it's current form does not fulfil our aim in providing this exceptional learning experience. We are looking to renovate our sensory studio, to provide a magical space full of light, colour and sound. A place that provides safety and certainty, ripe for opportunity, interaction and engagment. A special spot of wonder and awe.


Like our pupils, we dream big, however we cannot fulfil this ambition alone. Our wonderful learners would be so very grateful for any help and support in reaching our target. If you are able to help, your donation would be incredibly welcome. Alternatively, please get in touch with the school if you would like to discuss this project with us, we would love to speak to you.


Thank you.