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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

We believe that educating ourselves regarding online safety is as important as educating our children. 


Alongside our online safety work with our pupils, we will also keep you, as parents and carers, updated via this page on trends or concerning activities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Online Safety Officer - Gemma Foster. 

Smartphone Advice

Parental Controls and Filters:

Parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content they may come across online. These controls can be used to limit access to only age-appropriate content, to set usage times and to monitor activity. 

There are four main places you can find parental controls, and it can help to set up a combination of these:

  • Internet provider: you can set up filters to help block access to inappropriate content on any device that connects to your home WiFi
  • Mobile operator: filters are often automatically set up on mobile contracts, but you can double-check with your provider
  • Devices: many devices have parental control settings, for example, to help restrict spending in apps or disable location functions 
  • Online services: sites such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube have parental control settings to help restrict access to inappropriate content

Apple iPhone and iPad Guidance

Xbox 360 Guidance

Playstation 4 Guidance

Nintendo Wii Guidance

Nintendo DS Guidance

Nintendo Switch Guidance

Virgin Media Guidance

Parental Controls:

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