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Occupational Therapy

School Funded Occupational Therapy
At Kingsley the statutory occupational therapy service is supplemented by the provision of a school funded occupational therapist, comprising of two days a week in term time. Those pupils identified as having difficulty participating in important school activities such as handwriting, paying attention, managing frustrations, interacting with others or coordination are signposted to the service. This is a flexible service, working with all children and their teaching staff in ways that work best for the teacher, school and child. The occupational therapist works with pupils to help improve their skills and participation in identified areas, as well as work collaboratively with teachers, parents/carers and staff to help the children meet their targets.
The aim of this service is to:
·         Work with teachers regarding planning and daily activities to benefit individual children or the whole class.
·         Provide individual assessments and therapeutic intervention as required.
·         Support the teacher and child in achieving IEP and therapeutic goals through collaborative working, individualised therapy and/or small group work.
·         Work with families and other professionals to provide consistency across settings.
·         Education – for teachers, support staff and parents/carers regarding specific difficulties and approaches.
·         Drop in sessions – for parents during each term in collaboration with the parent liaison team, play groups and nursery provisions based at Kingsley.