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Medium Term Planning


  • Medium Term planning for each WOW theme consists of a set of Kingsley Cubes.

-Page A: Appropriate Learning objectives, from driver & subsidiary subjects K4 to K12) selected as outlined below, organised into Areas of learning from the Primary Curriculum, to facilitate cross curricular learning. Pupils working at a Non-subject specific level - our Early Learners have similar learning objectives assigned.                                                                                 

-Page B: Suggested activities – which will provide 1) Wow experiences related to the theme 2) activities / sequences of learning to support attainment of the learning objectives for pupils engaging in non-subject specific learning,  pre-subject specific learning subject specific and pre-key stage subject specific learning.


  • When planning page A of the Kingsley cubes, EYFS/  K Scale/ NC  assessment statements (LEARNING OBJECTIVES (I can Statements) are selected on the basis of the KEY SKILLS attached to the theme. (NB:  Related  learning objectives have previously been analysed and coded to indicate which key skills they support. )
  • 2  learning objectives are selected from the bank for each DRIVER and SUBSIDARY SUBJECT for each K Level – if there are more than two, selecting the most appropriate to the subject content. Targets for our Non-subject specific Early Learners are selected in a similar way.