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Thank you for all your help at Kids day out. We all had a fantastic time!

The Seahorses have lots of fun at school! Here is a slideshow of some magic moments so far...

Apples and pears has been the theme this term. In numeracy we have been busy counting, weighing and even eating fruit and vegetables. The seahorses also made a fruit salad this week, they all independently asked for their preferred fruit and chopped the fruit themselves.


This terms theme has been ' Born survivor '.  We used the book from world book day ' We're going on a bear hunt ' .The seahorses have had lots of fun creating caves and joining in with a sensory story ( sorry about the mess angel) We explored Kingsley's campsite too. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

This term our theme was Spring time, what a good excuse for us to have a trip to the farm surprise

We had a fantastic day meeting the animals at Mini meadows farm, we hope you enjoy the photos! 

The Seahorses have had a great term! Our theme was 999 , we had lots of wow moments including a visit from a Policeman and the Fire service!

We celebrated world book day with a sensory story using 'Were going on a bear hunt' it was a great success! Thank you for dressing your children up they all looked great!  We hope you enjoy the photos smiley 

We're going on a Bear hunt

Our first theme for this year was ' No place like home'. We watched 'The three little pigs' and made some houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. All of the seahorses used their sorting skills to put some household cleaning items into the correct basket, and what a great job they did!  

No place like home

The seahorses have had so much fun this term! Our theme was 'Squelch', as you can imagine we have had lots of messy play, using cooked vegetables, fruit , marmite and jam  (the squishier the better frown).

All of the class enjoyed  the sand and water play too.

We had a lovely time over the winter term. Our theme was 'snow' business like show business, the children used their literacy skills in PECS to make snowmen. We visited the snow globe at Bosworths garden centre, the children had lots of fun playing in the snow. To top off a wonderful term Father Christmas came to deliver some presents! He even brought along his reindeer for us to feed!     

The snow globe

Making snowmen

Making snowmen 1
Making snowmen 2
Making snowmen 3
Making snowmen 4

The topic for this term has been 'Read all about it' We went on our first mini bus trip! All the Seahorses had so much fun looking at the beautiful Autumn scenery, exploring the changing colours of Autumn and even finding some animals along the way!

In light of all the building work for our new classrooms smiley we decided to embrace it into our theme. We pretended to be builders where we mixed sand, water and washing up liquid to make cement for our brick walls. All our photographs were used to make a newspaper.  

Our first topic was The Circus. We enjoyed exploring the theme by dressing up as clowns, working on creative activities such as clown faces, making circus tent pictures and we also watched scenes from the circus on the whiteboard.

Picture 1

The next topic we looked at was the weather. We used pipets to make rain and snow pictures, we also had lots of fun in our music lessons, listening to weather songs while exploring ice, water, fans and drums. 

As we enjoyed the ice so much, back in class we set up an Autumn sensory tray. Hope you enjoy the photos.smiley