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Spring 2


This term was Viva Espana!  We learned about the Spanish language, flag and even got to taste some of the food.  We went on to learn about kitchen chemistry, with lots of different exciting science experiments .  We finished with an Easter celebration including bonnet parade, egg hunt and party!

Robins have been busy this spring learning all about transport and community.  We have learned how different forms of transport have changed through history.  This included a trip to Duxford Imperial War museum, where we saw all kinds of aeroplanes and military vehicles.  We also made cars, hot air balloons and aeroplanes to display in class and experimented with cars and boats using different materials and ramps to see the effect it had on movement.


In the second half of the term we looked at our community and all the different people and places you find in it.  We learned about people that help us - including dressing up and common buildings and landmarks.

Autumn Term 1

We have had a really positive start to the new school year!  Welcome to the new Robins Class, especially to Phoebe who is also new to Kingsley School.  We enjoyed meeting our friends families at our coffee afternoon, and singing the new Uppers Song!


In maths we have been working hard using mathematical instruments to create a giant octopus and lots of little ones.  We have also been measuring distances round the school using trundle wheels and tally charts.


We have worked so hard that we have already earned our first big picture treat, a trip to Ringstead park.


We had great fun making scarecrows for the Harvest Festival, we even dressed them up to look like Kingsley pupils!



Making our Octopus!

Big Picture Treat

Our Scarecrows