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What Would Happen If All Plants Died?



In this topic we had loads of fun exploring lots of plants. We discovered different parts of a plant and what function they have for the plant. We went on a nature hunt where we discovered lots of different plants that live all around our school field. We discussed what a plant need to survive, in light of this discussion we decided to carry out a fair test where we put the plants in different scenarios to see how they would grow differently. We made predictions about how the test would go and which plants would grow the best. After a couple of weeks we came back to the plants to evaluate the results, we were able to see which ones grew the best and why they did. Once we did that we held a discussion about if we were going to plant more plants then what we would do next time to ensure they grew the best. Some of the children learnt about what photosynthesis is and how it helps the plants to grow.