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What Were Children Doing In Kettering 150 Years Ago?

Week 1


In our new topic this term we explored different artifacts of the Victorian Era. We looked at objects such as old games and toys they used to play with as well as what they used in order to clean their clothes and rugs. Other items we looked at were things used for everyday tasks such as an old iron, meat grinder, etc. It was really exciting to discover these old relics and see how different they were to the stuff we use today.

Week 2


In this weeks lessons we were comparing Kettering to the Victorian time period. We looked at how schools have changed in this time, the different style of teaching the teachers used, the different clothes the children would wear and how it's different to what we wear now, how the children would travel to school and more. We were able to identify that schools are better in current times and that we would much prefer to go to the modern day schools!