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What Were Children Doing in Kettering 150 years ago?

This theme saw us travelling back in time to 150 years ago. The children explored a collection of household items, childrens' games and mechanical tools and implements where they had to use their exploration and investigation skills to try to work out what they were for. Chronology, Monarchs and the class divide between the rich and the poor were all learnt about as were the scientific discovery of germs and subsequent improvements in medicine. We had a special dress up day where the children got to dress as Victorian children and they even go to experience what a Victorian classroom would have been like - they decided that they wouldn't have liked Victorian teachers very much! They could not believe that barely any children would have gone to school and none of them would like to be chimney sweeps or stay at home learning how to cook and clean. 

The children completed the topic by creating a diorama of something that they had learnt during the theme. Topics ranged from a rich house, a slum, a laundry, a sewage infested waterway and a Victorian classroom.