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What 'new' way can we use to travel to France?

This theme has had us using our Geography skills to find out where France is, how far away it is and what obstacles we will have to overcome along the way. When brainstorming the different ways we could travel, by catapult, a glass elevator and riding on the back of a goat were all ideas that we had a great time chatting about however unfortunately we had to bin. We whittled it down to two options that comprised of a floating road and a bridge. As we begun to research materials and their properties, one of the children suggested that we could build a bridge that we could raise part of it so tall ships could get through. This prompted us to discuss whether we could allow boats to pass through a floating road ....... we decided that a bridge was the way forward!

Our planning and designing skills were then called upon and hopefully, the results you can see for yourself in the photos - did we manage to make a bridge ......

The Brainstorming and Planning

The Building and Testing

The Dream Team