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What is the importance of Samuel Pepys' diary?



We have received a mysterious envelope from an unknown sender!


To begin this theme, we had to work in our groups to determine what the clues (sealed in the envelope) were indicating. After some investigating and making some inferences, we determined that the sender had to have been Samuel Pepys, he had sent us lots of clues about the Great Fire of London. 


in our subsequent lessons, we used the internet to research about the great fire, we learned that it started in a bakers and that it spread so quickly because of the materials the houses were made from. From this we had lots of great discussions about flammable materials, emergency services and the houses we live in today. 


In our final week, we worked in our groups to design and build a model representation of the Great Fire of London, the children had to negotiate on how it was going to look and what materials they were going to use.