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Art Attack

For our art attack theme topic we looked at lots of different artists, such as Vincent van Gogh. We looked at each artists different techniques and recreated some of our own master pieces! We used lots of different materials to create our own art, including clay to make sculptures, paint to paint a landscape and pencils to draw sunflowers.


Bend and Stretch

We've been learning all about our bodies! We can label lots of our bones, label our internal organs and state their functions. Looking at our senses was fun, we tasted marmite and the jellyfish were not impressed! Then we went outside to see what we could hear, see, smell and feel in the sensory garden.



Robots are awesome! The jellyfish boys already knew a huge amount about robots, we shared our knowledge of what robots we know, what robots can do, what types of robots there are and what they are made of. We came up with lots of ideas for what our own robots would do if we could make them to do anything! The boys have worked hard on building their robots out of junk modelling, they're not quite finished but they are looking fantastic!