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Toys R us


During our theme lessons we have been learning all about toys! We had some time to play with some really old toys such as a spinning top, marbles and a jack in the box. We then sorted toys into old and new categories and into groups of who would play with each toy a baby, child or teenager. We then went onto the internet to find a picture of our favourite toy and write a bit about why its our favourite, games consoles are a favourite in the jellyfish class! we looked  at how different toys are played with. We finished our theme subject by designing and then making our own toy cars to play with.


Lets party


As a class we have looked all the many different types of celebrations people have. Firstly we looked at what the key points of a christening and wedding would be and how they were different. We designed our own party invitations using boardmaker on the laptops and made a card for Penny's birthday! We then looked at Hanukkah the Jewish Celebration of light, we tried different foods and gave our opinions of each one we tried, then we made our own Menorah using clay.