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How has the Earth changed over time?



This year in Puffins and Penguins, we are learning through a more autonomous approach within our theme sessions. Our classes have been combined and then divided into 3 working groups. Within the groups we have 3 set job roles; ICT researchers, Book researchers and Note takers. Each week, we are presented with a question that is ours to research, we discuss in our groups what we already know about this topic and what we would like to know. The information identified as what we would like to know then directs and informs our research. As a group, we have to work together to learn about the question for that week, we have been encouraged to take notes however is best for us and to also use a variety of skills within the SELLS curriculum to enhance our subject based knowledge. Each 'Big Question' is designed to make us think and take our learning in our own chosen direction. 


Week One


In our first week, we were presented with the question 'What is the earth?', this created lots of discussion in our groups and we were all very excited to share what we knew. There were many a conversation about how the earth was created and many differing views, some put forward the big bang, others shared their ideas about how god created the earth. We learnt about the earths position in the solar system, its different layers, distance from the sun and many other interesting facts! We were very excited about the forthcoming sessions and where this would lead us.