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Term 4

This first week back has flown by and we have already been engaging in lots of fun learning activities!  Our current theme is 'Food Glorious Food' and it inspiring lots of life skills practise.  Turtles class loved all the pancakes we made and ate during pancake day, and we were able to learn heaps though the pancake activities.  We have also had lots of visits from Blake, the school dog, who appears to quite like being a Turtle!
So far, our theme has had us making and enjoying our own freshly squeezed orange juice, making pancakes, ordering and paying for pancakes with our chosen topping, and learning how to cut using a knife.  We have also made sandwiches and eaten them as a group in order to practise eating alongside others.

Numeracy - Making Patterns!

We have been practising copying and continuing 2-step repeating patterns by making fruit kebabs!  

Blake's regular visits to Turtles class...