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Term 4

Hope that everybody is keeping safe and well and managing to get through these particularly difficult times as best they can.


During term 4 Starfish were looking at different types of food and trying new things- Some were YUMMY and others were YUCKY but we had a great time anyway.

We even ordered different foods from a menu of a well known fast food outlet- that is no longer open- I don't think I have seen fries and nuggets disappear as quickly in my life- some children were quite adventurous and tried BBQ sauce too!


In maths we were looking at different types of fruit and veg and sorting them by colour, size and whether we liked them or not.

We counted potatoes- Connor's favourite- We ordered them from smallest to largest and we then added some different veg in so that we could make patterns.


We looked closely at flowers during our topic and we could sort them into tall and short. We also ordered them according to how long they were- very clever we were too!


It seems so long ago that your children were in Starfish having fun, but hopefully we can share some photos of what your fantastic children have been getting up to at home with you. 

Connor has been so busy- Keep it up!!!
Picture 1 Brotherly Love
Picture 2 Sitting on a big log!
Picture 3 Rainbows for all you NHS heroes!