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Term 4

March - April 2019


Hello again! We are back from our short break and have started our new theme 'Musical Memories.' This has involved learning all about musical history from the past few decades. Robins' have been having lots of fun exploring the many different musical genres that have come and gone by listening to music. We have been watching old music videos and even having a go at a few dance moves too! We have also been enjoying dressing up in the many fashions from 50s, 60s and 70s and been busy participating as group learning how to play different tunes using musical instruments. 


Robins' along with the whole school did some fabulous dressing up for 'World Book Day' as their favourite characters and have just recently participated in 'Red Nose Day' by donating and helping raise money within the school for our Robins' Danceathon for Comic Relief - Well Done Robins! 



Robins have just completing their performances for the Whole School Show. They did a fantastic job with their 'Under the Sea' and 'Baby Shark' singing and moves and had lots of fun as well! 


Our latest theme was called 'Up, Up and Away!'. This has involved us learning about the Water Cycle and understanding Rainbows. This has given Robins' lots of opportunities to participate in scientific experiments to explore through practical learning and also mixing colours in our Art lessons too.

April - May 2019


Hello again and it's 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......BLAST off!


Robins' class have been learning about all things SPACE this term. Our exciting new theme has involved us getting to know about all the Planets and our Solar system, even having a go at making up rhymes to us remember them! Our friendly class Alien has been setting us lots of work to do. We've also been busy learning about astronauts including what life's like up in Space through exploring the different foods they eat and also about how they travel to Space via Rocket Ships.


Robins' have been getting very creative making their own Rockets, painting amazing Solar System pictures to include in our Galaxy shoe box designs and building Planets with paper Mache and balloons! We also had a great time making our Solar System outside with coloured chalk and got very dizzy spinning like Planets too!