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Term 2

Our second theme this term is Winter Wonderland. We've been looking at the different animals that live in arctic conditions, how inuits live and how they are different from us. We looked at their clothing, what they eat and their living conditions. We also looked at igloos and tried making our own igloos from lots of different materials.

We tried using ice but it was too slippery and it melted

We used lego but found that it was hard to make an arched/round igloo shape

The straws were a bit too bendy but once we cut off the bendy part they worked better

When using the fake snow it was hard to make the igloo hollow as it kept collapsing

We glued cotton balls onto igloo shaped tubs but had to think about how we would get inside our igloo

The children discovered that cocktail sticks were to short for the big marshmallows but straws were too long so the igloos wouldnt stand up

We found this construction the best as we formed an igloo shape and tried to see how many Eagles we could fit inside

Our first theme this term has been Whiz , Bang, Pop which was all about electricity. We have been making electrical circuits, as well as looking at static electricity. We made a circuit by connecting hands in a circle and a special wand that uses electricity from our bodies.

We looked at some of the things we use electricity for,  as well as what it would be like without electricity and the things it powers such as lights.

We looked at static electricity and it's effects.

We had a go at making our own circuits.