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Term 1

Our first topic this term was The Green Cross code. We learned about road safety, practiced using Stop and Go signs and learned to stop at the traffic lights (on the school playground). In numeracy we investigated length and height, volume, capacity and weight. We liked to carry out our explorations with sensory resources like flour, dry pasta and cooked spaghetti.  We learned how to thoroughly wash our hands and enjoyed lots of music lessons in the Cube with Joe. 

Our second topic for the term was Bugs. All Jellyfish found it very fascinating looking at different real life bugs in resin cubes! We even used magnifying glass to see better. We made bug hotels, looked for different creepy crawlies outside, made salt dough impressions of plastic bugs and natural materials we found outside. We played more new instruments in the Cube and had lots of fun on our sensory equipment in the Ark. We counted spider legs  and measured spiders' length in numeracy, made cobwebs for our fine motor skills in Literacy and cooked lots of yummy cheese puffs in cooking lessons!