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Term 1

Hello and Welcome to our page again :)

In Red Dolphins we have been very busy starting our new theme called 'Bugs'. For this theme, we have really enjoyed making lots of lovely creepy crawly art work; this has included lots of practice with our cutting skills to make beautiful butterfly pictures and we have been working hard with lots of painting and threading to make our amazing pasta caterpillars too. We have also been using bugs to help learn and practice our counting skills with our creepy crawly toys in our Numeracy learning. We have also been looking at various lengths e.g. 'Long and Short' again to develop our understanding of different measurements.

As for our English sessions, Dolphins have enjoyed looking through books and listening to stories as well as following instructions to complete tasks such as making our spooky spiders for our lovely wall display. 

Dolphins have been working really well in all their classes from making some super tasty treats in our cookery classes and we also have enjoyed learning about 'fast and slow' music patterns in our Music sessions with Joe too. We also had some great sessions for PE where Dolphins have been brilliantly using the PE apparatus develop their climbing and balancing skills along with lots of turn taking opportunities as well. 


Thanks so much for visiting our page. We hope to update soon in the next term with all the Wonderful work Dolphins will be busy doing in the future.

Hope you have a lovely half term, Bye for now :) 

Hello and Welcome to Blue Dolphins page! 


Blue Dolphins have come back after the Summer holidays and have wonderfully settled back into our daily Dolphins routine. We have also welcomed some new friends to our classes too. For our first few weeks, Dolphins have been enjoying taking part in our lots of class activities such as participating in lots of PECS choosing in class. We also have enjoyed attending music lessons in the cube with Joe and starting our swimming lessons in the school pool. 

For Literacy sessions, we have been been learning all about different nursery rhymes and songs. We have loved taking part in choosing and singing the sounds as a group and decorating our pictures such as 'Humpty Dumpty' wall or the moon from 'the Cat and Fiddle' song.

As for our Numeracy sessions, we have been learning about different sizes, exploring the short or long roads with toy cars and also building short and tall towers with Lego blocks. 

We have also started our first theme -'The Green Cross Code'. We have been busy exploring Road Safety, decorating traffic light pictures, buses and cars for our Green Cross Code wall display and colour matching to the traffic light colours. We are also hoping soon to take a trip outside school to help practice what we have been learning about. 

Thanks for reading and keep checking our page for regular updates about what Dolphins have been busy doing in class. 

Hope to see you soon and update you about our next theme 'Bugs'.


 Bye for now :-)