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Term 1

We want to welcome everyone back to Turtles this year! We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to get back into the swing of things with our first topic of the term, Special Delivery!


Turtles have been learning life skills such as, going to the post box to post a letter, making post cards to send to friends and family (look out for yours parents!) and signing names to our letters. We have also been learning a lot about weight and measurement in numeracy so have been weighing different shaped and sized packages on the scales. We even had one very fun morning where we decided if each of our Turtles was heavy or light by putting them in a big sock and trying to lift them off the ground, there were laughs all round!



We have also been engaging in lots of sensory experiences so far this term, which has brought a lot of enjoyment to our Turtles...

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