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Jellyfish have been looking at subtractions and using number lines to work out the answers. We worked the answers out then we could turn them into number stories. We then swapped it all around! We had the answers already but had to work out a subtraction sum for each answer! Subtraction is hard but we cracked it!



We looked at ordering, writing which jellyfish came in what place between 1st and 10th in 'the race', we can identify each number and place each jellyfish in the right place. We looked at counting objects to 10 and then moved onto 20, we made our own sets after too!



For length we looked at ordering lots of different items into the right orders such as straws, pipe cleaners, pencils and paint brushes. We walked around the school and measured lots of different items we found. We can identify which of two objects are longer and use a ruler correctly to measure the length of different items.



We've moved on to measuring height now, ordering different items from tallest to shortest, then shortest to tallest. We measured all the jellyfish boys and put our picture and height into order on the classroom board.


Position and Direction

The jellyfish boys have been looking at position and direction, focusing on turning, we looked at turning in quarters, halves and a whole. The direction we turn is important too, are we turning a half turn to the left or right? clockwise or anti clockwise? We drew a big track outside and then directed one of the jellyfish boys along it - 'turn 1 quarter to the left' 'turn half way clockwise' - to get them all the way to the finish!


Numbers - Place value and partitioning

First the jellyfish boys worked on place value for numbers, we started on the units and worked all the way up to thousands, identifying the positions of each number.  We then worked on partitioning numbers in to units, tens and hundreds.