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Calculating money.


During our numeracy lessons we have been learning about all the different coins we use. We started by leaning how to identify each coin. We were then able to start to adding coins together and working out which coins make the right amount needed in our piggy banks!


3D Shapes


We love shapes! the jellyfish class has been learning all about the different 3D shapes, we identified each shape to start with, then we could describe and count each shape face, corner and edge. We had fun shape sorting to find out what everyday items fit into what 3D shape category and testing which 3D shapes can roll, slide and stack.


Data Handling


During our numeracy lessons we have been learning about data handling. We started with some simple sorting and then moved on to more complex sorting into Venn diagrams; putting pictures of our friends and school staff into three categories, 'jellyfish, jellyfish boys and boys'. We then used shapes to create our carroll diagram finding the colour of the shape and if it has flat or curved edges. We've been finding out our friends favourite characters too, and transferred the information on to a pictogram and making our own block graphs.