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Mysterious Mayans

We've had great fun with this theme being very creative. Making lots of the different animals that may have been in the rainforests.

We've also explored where the Mayan's lived and what they used to eat out of. We've made our own clay bowls using coils of clay and painted pictures of their houses using sandy red paint and straw for the roofs.

Next we made some headresses like they used to wear and had a go at colouring and painting our own masks of the animal God's

Finaly we had our own Mayan feast. We chopped the onions and tomatoes for the salsa, scooped out the avocado for the gucamole and mixed up our hot chocolate. We all added vanilla to make it sweeter and some of us even added some chilli powder just like the Mayan's used to do. We then put on our headresses and enjoyed our feast.