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Middles Long Term Plan

Middles C

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5


Unit 1








The Mr Men & Little Misses*

(Knowing yourself)

(Reflecting on learning)


PSHE- emotions , personal characteristics and goal setting

Art: working in different media

FA2.1, MA4.2, MA5.1, MA6.1, MB3.1, MB6.2, UA5.2, UB3.2, UB6.1

FA4.1, MB4.1, UA6.1, UB6.1

.I’ve got a friend in you Rainbow Fish*

(working with others)



Art: Using different materials

Collage-Mixed media


MB2.1, ,MC5.2, MC6.1

UA6.1UB5.1 UB4.1


PSHE: Friendship. stranger danger

Castle on the Hill *


(working with others)


Hist- medieval Britain

DT - structures

FA2.1, MA4.2, MA5.1, MA6.1, MB1.1, MB6.2, UA5.2, UB3.2, UB6.1

FB1.2, MA3.1, MB3.2, MB5.2,


FB2.1, MB6.1, UA5.2, UB3.2

The Enchanted forest

(Reflecting on learning)


Sc- name wide variety of plants (inc deciduous & evergreen

Sc_ habitats

Sc- food chains

Geog: diff environments


FA6.1 FA4.2 FB6.1 FB6.2 FC3.2 MA5.1 MA4.2 MB5.1 UC5.1

Sensational safari!*

 (Working with others)



Geog- (cf uk and non-european country)

Music from around the world



FA6.1, MA1.1, MA3.1, MB2.2, MB4.1, MB5.1, MB6.2

UA3.1, UB1.2, UB5.2, UB6.1

FA2.2, MA6.2, UB3.1

FB2.2, MA2.1, MA6.2, MB1

Colour Feast*

(reflecting on learning)



DT_ eat more fruit

Sc- Health and growth




RE: Wesak (Buddism)

FA1.1 FB1.1 FC3.2

MA4.2 MB5.1 UA6.2 UB2.1 UB6.1 UC6.1

Unit 2








Pizza Party*

(food journeys)

(Working with others)


DT1/2.1a    use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes


DT1/2.1b    understand where food comes from.

Geog: Ge1/1.2a    compare UK and other Non-European

Ge1/1.4a  : use globes. maps to identify


FB2.2, MA2.1, MA6.2, MB2.1


+RE Harvest


 (Problem solving and Independent enquiry)


Sc- Sc1/4.1a    observe changes across the 4 seasons

(tree study or similar)

Sc1/4.1b    observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.

geog: seasonal weather patterns

Art : different artists

FA6.1, MA1.1, MA3.1, MB2.1, MB4.1, MB5.1, MB6.2, UA3.1, UB1.2, UB5.2, UB6.1

+RE Christmas

Splish splash I was having a bath * (personal hygiene)

(Reflecting on learning)


PSHE: Personal hygiene

science: keeping healthy- germs

FB1.2, MA3.1, MB3.1, MB5.2, UB4.2






+RE  / citizenship- British Value

Chocy wocky doo dah*  (Problem solving)


DT- design

chocolate and packaging

ICT- Using images

FA5.1 FA3.2 FB4.2MA 6.1 MB1.2 UA6.1 UA1.2 UB1.2 UB6.2 UC4.2







+RE Celebration, Easter


(problem solving)



Science: Investigating


Art- fabrication weaving etc


+RE  Noah’s Ark

Seaside fun

(physical geography and lang)

(Problem solving)


Geog-  key features human/ physical geog

history- seaside holidays now and then

FA5.2 FB 6.2 MA3.1 MB5.2 MB6.1



Explanation texts, 

Songs, chants rythme & actions,

stories by the same author

Using non fiction texts,

sense poems ,

Fairy Stories

stories from around the world.

Poems on a theme,  letters and emails and texts


number/ fractions, Height / length,2D shape (incl. pattern)

using and applying

, Time, Position and direction, Handling data Counting & understanding number

Calculating (incl money), Vol and Cap, 3D shape

Counting and understanding, Weight, 2D shape (incl symmetry)

Knowing & using number facts, Height / length (and area/ perimeter), Position & direction

Calculating, Vol and cap, 3D shape, handling data


1a, 1b, 2c – what is a computer? Multimedia (photographs)

4a, 4b – programming and algorithms

2e – multimedia (e-books)

3b – data (sorting)

2d, 2h – multimedia (films, animation)

4a, 4c – programming and algorithms