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Literacy: Symbols and Words

The children at Kingsley develop their skills  in reading and recording in many different ways. At early stages children learn to understand the meanings associated with objects, pictures and photos.


Many children use symbols  (Picture Communication Symbols) in both contexts of reading and recording. Symbol reading and writing is taught systematically, developing a vocabulary from  the most useful iconic symbols to more abstract symbols.


Some children develop skills in reading traditional text. In most cases we  use  a synthetic phonics approach based on  “Letters and sounds”. Resources from a number of schemes are used , teachers being able to offer a flexible approach to match the learning styles of individual children.   Our reading scheme centres on The Oxford Reading Tree” (including Project X and Code) but we have a wide variety of supplementary reading books (including Jelly and Bean at Follifoot farm), which allows  children to consolidate skills  reading at any level. We also enjoy a well stocked libray!