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Story settings

This term we have been learning all about story settings, using adjectives to describe different settings for stories. We have created our own story settings by thinking of our own characters and plots, then we used the app 'puppet pals' to bring them to life!



Following instructions has been exciting! Firstly we followed instructions to put different objects into the correct places. Then Kayleigh turned into our teacher robot and followed the jellyfish instructions to make a sandwich to their exact words, they had to work hard to be very specific! Then all the jellyfish did some brilliant written work creating their own instructions to make a sandwich!


Fiction and non-fiction texts

During our literacy session we have been looking at all different types of books and what is included in them. We looked at identifying fiction and non fiction books. How we use different information books, such as using the glossary, index and contents pages. Explanation work was a bit tricky! Can you explain why a whole orange floats but a peeled orange sinks?