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This term in literacy we have been learning about; humour poems, nonsense poems, riddles, invitations, letters and e-mails.


Humour Poems.


In our sessions on humour poems we learnt about what a humour poem was and what it contained. As a class we worked together to write a poem which included some rhyming words. We then had great fun writing our own humour poems, we especially liked the words that rhymed with 'trump'!


Nonsense Poems.


Within our lessons learning about nonsense poems we enjoyed listening to 'On the ning nang nong' on Youtube, we especially liked the lady's props! We then had a go at writing our own nonsense poems and tried to include rhyming couplets. 




During our lessons learning about riddles we worked together as a class to work out the answer to some riddles. We then had great fun working in two teams to follow riddles around the school one leading to the next! can you work out a riddle?


'what cheese is made backwards?'




For our work on invitations we talked about what we needed to include on an invitation to an event such as a party. We all had great fun designing our own birthday party invites and chose who to invite, where we would like it to be and when it would be!




For our work on letters we have been writing letters to santa himself! we discussed what we needed to include such as our address, who the letter is to, the content and who it is from. We then wrote our own letters to santa listing all the many things the Jellyfish would like for christmas!