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This term in literacy we will be learning about; traditional tales, labels, captions and lists.


Traditional Tales


Within our lessons on traditional tales we have done many different things, we particularly enjoyed reading Little Red Riding hood! Our favourite part was when the woodcutter saved Red Riding Hood from the wolf! We enjoyed sequencing the story in a storyboard and writing an explanation of what had happened, some of us even drew are our own pictures! We have, identified the features of a traditional story and planned and written our own short traditional tale.




When we were learning about captions, we thought about when we would use a caption and what they were used for. We have captioned some pictures verbally and also written some captions of things that our friends were doing! 




During our lessons on labels, we have thought about and discussed what a label is and its purpose, we have identified some labels around the classroom and enjoyed looking at the labels in our clothes. We completed some super work on labelling pictures of ourselves, and as a class, labelling a picture of Luigi. 




Within our work learning about lists, we had lots of fun writing a shopping list as a whole class. We wrote a list of things we would need for our favourite sandwich and also read lists to include certain things in a picture. We thought and discussed how we needed to organise the text on the page and also how numbering items helped us. 

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