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Non-fiction books! We have had an excellent time looking at lots of information books (posh word....non-fiction). We are getting pretty good at locating different types of books in the library now!

In our Literacy theme of rhymes and poems we enjoyed putting different nursery rhymes in order and them reading them back to each other. We were excellent at it!

We have been using puppets of ourselves to create stories, we all worked so well with each other!

We've been looking at how we use instructions to do everyday things, ranging from washing our hands, making a drink and the most fun one so far....making a jam sandwich! We enjoyed helping our friends and giving them instructions to carry out all our tasks! 
In Literacy we have looked at personal story writing, we looked at all our baby pictures and tried to guess who was who. We then wrote our own sentences for each of our pictures.

Personal Story writing - We enjoyed making up our own stories with all the Pandas as mini puppets! Oliver & Adam enjoyed acting out the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'