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How Would Your Life Be Different if You Lived in Antarctica?

Our current theme has seen us taking on the challenge of attempting to work out how life would be different if we lived in Antarctica. Although we knew that there was lots of snow there, we did not know that it is the coldest and most hostile place on earth! 

When brain storming and sharing our curiosity, we initially wondered what the people living in Antarctica ate, drank, how they made fire, what they lived in and the language that they spoke however we were soon surprised to find out that nobody lives there full time as it is simply far too cold! Additionally, finding out that there was no McDonalds didn't go down too well.

We all became Ernest Shackleton in our Literacy lessons where we studies biographies, learning about his explorer challenges and accomplishments. The Geography theme had us looking at maps, globes and atlases to explore both land and sea.