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How Has The Earth Changed Over Time?


We have taken a much more 'child led' focus this year for our theme lessons that sees our children presented with The Big Question whereby they work collaboratively as a learning and teaching team. This provides opportunities to explore and share existing knowledge, hone their curiosity and encourage independence to take more control and responsibility for their own learning. They have access to technology and books to aid their research and fuel their desire to learn. 


Are Bubbles Always Spherical?


We had a mini theme to start the new academic year and to introduce the children to the new format titled 'Are bubbles always Spherical?' The children explored different materials and created cubes, cuboids and a square based pyramid to test the theory. From the whoops of excitement and joy observed at the testing stage, it was easy to conclude that the children enjoyed this theme very much! 

How Has The Earth Changed Over Time? 


The children were posed their next theme question and every group eagerly explored and built upon existing knowledge. Meteors, dust clouds, dinosaurs and tectonic plates were all topics discussed, researched and presented as well as the more up to date themes such as recycling, climate change and the effects a pandemic is currently having on the world.