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Colour all around us!

During our theme 'Colour all around us' we have enjoyed a variety of activities and tasks for example, Brown Bears explored mixing paint to make a specific favourite colour.  We have enjoyed an outside 'colour hunt' and then worked together to sort the items into the correct group.  We have also experienced a fun 'colour taste test' which we then recorded with a 'yummy or yuck!' symbol.  The children worked in a large group and some sniffed, licked, or even tasted the different foods, we were impressed by our Brown Bears!     

We have also taken part in some science experiments - making a colour rainbow using skittle sweets and water, mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together and then adding a splash of colour to see what happened and finally joining pots of coloured water together using some kitchen towel to mix the colours in the middle as they soaked up the kitchen towel. Some were more successful than others but we all had a great time exploring what would happen.