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Autumn Term 1

Falcons have been busy planning a class character party! We designed our own class invitations, party hat, bunting, table cloth and party plates too. We had lots of ideas about what games to play and what party food to eat! Falcons had a great time.

Musical Memories!

We really enjoyed listening to the sounds of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.  All of the Falcons had favourite songs and all had a go at hand jives and breakdance moves too!  We also found out about popular toys and TV programmes of each decade and also how art work inspired fashion.

Falcons have been exploring a variety of materials and equipment to make complete electrical circuits.  They have had lots of fun putting together the circuits in various ways in order to make a light bulb or fan work.   We have also made safety posters about keeping safe and have learnt about the dangers of electricity within the environment.