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In our last term we are learning about being healthy and making healthy choices. We've painted our own fruit baskets and talked about what foods we like the most. We are also going to be making rainbow pizzas and making our own smoothies! In our department, we had a 'Colurful Feast' where each class had a colour and made a platter around it. Polar Bears chose purple and we made frozen yoghurt and berries ice cream! The children were most excited to use the blender again!  Our other theme is all about the seaside! 
In Term Five our themes are 'Sensational China' and 'Holes'. The children were very excited to learn about China - particularly the flags! We made our own fans, then decorated a big piece of paper which the grown ups turned into a fan for our display. We've been looking at world maps and thinking about the best way to travel to China. The children have been enjoying drumming in our music lessons so we watched some Chinese drummers and reenacted the performance using different types of drums! For our first lesson on holes, we looked at different kinds of holes, then we had some water play in the sunshine with objects with different holes in. We will also be sewing and weaving too!

Mending the holes the mouse made in the clothes!

Chinese Drumming

Our themes for Term 4 are 'Enchanted Forest' and 'Choccywoccydoodah'! For enchanted forest, the fairy wings the children made over half term have been turned into a display and we now have a magical tree with 8 fairies outside the classroom! We started off the theme by putting our birdhouses up (the pictures are on our 'metre square' project page), and we've also made fairy doors using the glue gun! We've been learning about different habitats and why some animals need to live in certain places, and we are going to East Carlton Park to learn all about the woodland habitat, and what we might find there.


The castle became an enchanted castle and we had Midnight Crystal the fairy come to play with us! The children disappeared and instead we had Peter Pan, Elves, Knights and Princesses! The children practised putting spells on each other and Jess had to sleep for a thousand years! cheeky


For ChoccyWoccy, we've been learning about where chocolate comes from before it gets to the shops! The children were very interested in the factory where the milk and sugar is added so we had a message on the computer from Mr Wonka who asked the children for their help because the Oompa Loompa's had all gone on holiday! The children were a bit worried because they didn't have a golden ticket, but luckily Mr Wonka had sent some by post and they were on Jess' desk! We had lots of fun tasting different types of chocolate and using excellent adjectives! We are going to design, then make our own chocolate bars and we also have a visit from an Ice Cream Man too! We have also made a class information book all about chocolate which fits in with our Literacy topic on 'information texts'.

Making our own chocolate bars!

Enchanted Forest

Our new theme for Term 3 is all about castles and we are having SO much fun! We've learnt about when castles were built, who lived in them, the different features and what sports people did back then. The children were very excited to see a real castle in the conservatory and we had a brilliant afternoon playing together! We've also been practising jousting and archery! We are now learning about hygiene and how to look after ourselves in our Splish Splash theme. We've practised washing our hands after we looked at how we can't always see germs, and brushing our teeth after we used a plaque disclosure tablet! On Friday we are going to have a relaxing afternoon and have a little spa session!

Our next themes for Term 2 are 'I've got a friend' - looking at friendships and what makes a good friend, and also 'Seasons' where we will explore what happens to the world around us at different times of year. Of course we have had some Halloween fun this week, and we will be doing plenty of Christmas activities too!


In our Friendship theme, we have been learning about sharing, so we all brought in a special item and shared them with the class. Jess brought in Hedwig, Jodie had Tigger, and Stacey brought in a very special scan picture! We also had Woody, Upsy Daisy, Mr Happy, Snow White book, a teddy, two giraffes, a talking cat and a car with traffic lights! We had lots of fun! We've also worked together to make a giant Rainbow Fish which will go on display outside the classroom, we created our own shade of blue and decorated the fish with lot of glitter and sparkly bits! 


We also spent some time learning about strangers, and the difference between strangers and safe strangers. We then had some role play where we dressed up as different people who can help us and had some fun being those people. 


Our next theme is on seasons and we read a poem and explored the different things that the poem mentioned. Our favourite was definitely the snow spray! We will be producing different pieces of artwork for the seasons too and learning about the different artists. We also had a chance to explore the snow when it arrived and Jess even got pulled along on the sledge!



Safe Strangers Role Play

Pumpkin Decorating

Our very first theme this term was 'Little Peter Rabbit', where we met a real rabbit, helped Peter find vegetables and baked & decorated our own carrot cakes, which we shared with the other classes at our big picnic. 

Our next theme was 'Mr Men and Little Miss' where we looked at the emotions of the different characters. We had a great afternoon exploring different emotions using different sized mirrors on our own and with our friends. 

Then we moved on to 'Pizza Party' where we ordered our own pizzas, looked at the ingredients in our pizzas, looked at food journeys before it gets to our homes, and learnt about different herbs and how to look after them. 

Our Paper Mache Pizzas! (Good enough to eat!)