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Term 5

During our theme sessions we have enjoyed learning about China.  We have tried different Chinese foods, such as spring rolls, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.  The Brown Bears also shared their thoughts using signing, visual aids, gestures or a vocal "YUCK!".  We have tried jasmine tea and have also had a go at using chop sticks to taste rice and noodles.  The children like to work alongside a buddy on a Wednesday and to help staff to support their friends in different ways, such as exploring dry rice, sprinkling it over hands or feet placed into warm or cold water.      

We have also learnt a little bit about Africa, including what their houses are like and what toys they play with. We have been making spirit drums and African thumb pianos - these made a lovely sound when we plucked them.

The Brown Bears loved dressing up as circus clowns during the Middles performance.  We hope you enjoyed the 'Greatest Show!'