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Term 5

This term in literacy we will be learning all about diaries and explanations, poetry from other cultures and stories by the same author. 


Poetry from other cultures.

In our first session learning about poetry from other cultures, we listened and read a poem from the Carribean. We learnt about where the Carribean was in the world and looked at some pictures of the country, we discussed what we thought it was like and enjoyed listening to the poem all about exotic fruits. 

We then had the opportunity to write our own poem choosing our own exotic fruits and who may have bought them, we had to remember the structure of the poem we had listened to and compose our own.

We also had the chance to try some of the exotic fruits from the poem we listened too, we shared our opinions of them and explored them using our senses. 


Stories by the same author.

In our first week learning about stories by the same author, we listened to a story called Zog by Julia Donaldson, we learnt all about the special name for the writer and illustrator, we enjoyed using the props in the story and watching the animations on the PowerPoint. In our second session, we used puppets from the story to recreate our own stories, we enjoyed role-playing and being creative.