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Term 4

This term in numeracy, we are going to be learning and consolidating our skills and knowledge of position and direction, counting and understanding number and time.


Position and Direction.


In our first week this term, learning about position and direction we enjoyed giving instructions using positional and directional language, practically exploring different positons and directions and following verbal instructions to place objects in different positions, we especially liked the Where's the monkey song on YouTube!




In our first week which focussed learning all about time, we learnt lots! We ordered the days of the week, we explored using clocks and learning about the hands. We practised reading clocks to the hour and some of us even to the half hour! We completed different tasks within a time limit and we also practised our sequencing skills.


Counting and Understanding Number.


We have been consolidating and learning some new skills when counting. We have been practising our skills of counting reliably and using 1:1 correspondences, and we have also learnt about grouping the same amount of objects even if the objects themselves are different.