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Term 3

In Numeracy this term we are exploring 3D shapes, volume and capacity, and money! 


We filled up the water tray and had lots of fun exploring what full and empty looked like, and even using the vocabulary of half full as well! We all got a little bit wet but we had lots of fun! Some children have even begun using these words to describe their lunchboxes at dinnertime which is great! 


When we studied money, we searched for coins in the water tray and told a grown up what coins they were - Jess was very impressed with everyone! We counted some pennies in a piggy bank, and some children looked at different coins in the piggy bank too. We then thought we would set up a shop and use real money to buy some different items. 


We have been naming and matching 3D shapes, and building towers with them (and knocking them down) and we have even started looking at the faces of different 3D Shapes and how some shapes have different faces. We also did an investigation to see if certain 3D shapes rolled or stacked.

Volume and Capacity