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Term 2

This term in literacy we are going to be learning all about labels, lists, captions and diagrams. We are also going to be having our weekly fine motor session  which will help to develop the strength in our finger muscles.




In our first session learning about captions, we wrote some of our own captions for pictures of activities that had happened in class already this year. We enjoyed looking at pictures of our favourite television characters and using communication boards to give a verbal caption about what was happening. We have also been practising our reading of symbols by matching the captions to the correct picture.




In other weeks, we have been learning about labels, we enjoyed labelling our own pictures using symbols and also labelling different parts of the classroom. 




Our third topic in literacy this term is all about lists, we have had lots of fun writing our own shopping lists and following lists whilst visiting our classroom shop, we all really enjoyed taking on different roles, especially the shopkeeper and using the till and money!