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Term 2

This term in Numeracy we will be learning about time, data handling, position and direction and counting. 

When we studied time, we looked at our routines for the day and decided what we do first, next, then and last in the morning. We even did some count down to blast off and read the time on an alarm clock! 


Our next topic on data handling we were very busy sorting out clothes into the correct drawers, deciding which items were food and which were crockery, and then we made a tally chart on our favourite treat (it was chocolate!). If that wasn't enough, we then made our own pictogram on our favourite drink (hot chocolate) and answered some questions about other pictograms on the Interactive Whiteboard. 


In our position and direction topic, we spent some time in the Ark, going over, up, down, around, on and in different pieces of equipment, and then looked at an under the sea picture and followed the instructions to place the objects in the right place. We definitely enjoyed this topic!

Position and Direction