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Term 2

We started off this term by having a Halloween themed role play session! We set up a fancy dress shop where the children could dress up, and we had a variety of witches, magicians, and creepy creatures! There was even a 'big bad wolf!'. At the end, we paid for our costumes by our lovely shopkeeper Summer, who made sure we gave the correct amount of money! Jess thought she might have to call for Security when a pumpkin witch, a devil skeleton and a werewolf witch came to get her! 


In our 'Song' topic, we've been singing about the Rainbow Fish and sharing scales with each other, then we used our colouring skills to create our own Rainbow Fish which Jess has made into a display. As we loved the songs so much, we did it again with more songs and instruments too, and we did lots of talking and sharing with each other. frown


This term in our fine motor session we are also going to be trying really hard to do up our own zips, and practising our balancing skills too! There are also some pictures of us doing our sentence work. We've also been practising doing a wheelbarrow walk, and going over a giant ball, but we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures! 

Zips, bean bags and sentences!

When our classroom was taken over by magic and monsters!